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What is Electromagnetic Retarder

The device is mounted between the driving axle and gearbox, allows contact-free brake by electromagnetic induction. px is an auxiliary braking system, brake system is a necessary complement, but not replace the main brake system.

Eddy current retarder generally consists of a stator, a rotor and a fixed frame composition.

When the retarder, the stator coil is energized to produce a magnetic field, and the rotor rotates along with the drive shaft. Cutting rotor magnetic field lines generated by the stator, thereby generating an induced current in the spiral inside the rotor disc. Thus, the stator will exert an obstacle to the rotor rotation of the rotor electromagnetic force, resulting in brake torque. Meanwhile, the vortex inside the rotor disc has a certain flow resistance, due to the resistance of the thermal effect will convert electrical energy into heat energy, so that the vehicle's kinetic energy through electromagnetic induction and resistance heating eventually converted to heat dissipation.